Swarm Queen Game

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Swarm Queen HTML5

Swarm Queen

Swarm Queen

Swarm Queen is an extremely interesting insect planet fighting game. Your mission in this game is to create an army of insects to kill the enemies.
This is a tactical battle game, you need to create your herd with large numbers of insects by altering your eggs and spitting out a lot of toxic insects on the battlefield.
Create insects to gather resources and then use those resources to mutate eggs and create even more powerful armies. With the greater amount of resources, you will build a stronger army. When your army is large enough, you can take it to attack and destroy the enemy. Destroy the army and their blockhouse. Destroy them all, you will gain a lot of items. Use items to continue building and creating a strong army and continue to fight with other armies.
Games with more than 21 different units, great gameplay and interesting strategy mechanics will bring you fun gaming moments.
This game will give you the experience from insect breeding, building and creating large numbers of insect army and fighting other army of insects.

How to play Swarm Queen

Swarm Queen uses the keys to control the following:
– 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or click the button to make a piece
– HOLD 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or click and drag the button to transform the building location into something else. A new mutant is unlocked each level
– A, D or click and drag the ground to scroll the map. (unlocked in level 1)
– Q, E or click the buttons to launch attacks from your Queen Swarm, click to shoot. Or double tap to auto capture (Q unlocked at level 4 and E at level 5)
– SPACEBAR or hold the button to accelerate the game, proceed to dialogue
– HOLD S to skip introductory conversation. (after the first level)
– Click the gear icon at the top right to pause, restart, exit or review current level details