Sweet Drmzzz Game

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Sweet Drmzzz HTML5

Sweet Drmzzz

Sweet Drmzzz

Sweet Drmzzz is a problem solving game filled with fascinating and challenging puzzles.
Do you ever feel like your dream at night happens because a small part of you climbs into your alarm clock and flies into space? Is not? Hmm, maybe that was part of a dream. By all means, consider what I mean in Bart Bonte’s Sweet Drmzzz point and click click puzzle game.
The solution requires logic, creative thinking and spatial reasoning skills!
This is a new puzzle game with 50 levels! When you fall asleep, the adventure begins. There are snake-like levels in which you have to control the worms around the screen to pick up the stars of the same color, the puzzle levels involve changing the snake into the right color and sand level, where You have to make sure the particles, perhaps the worm, come to the right planet.
When in sleep mode, your mini version is put on the alarm clock, put into space and off for a mix of space adventures:
– solve logical puzzles involving colored space worms that bounce off planets
– collect stars in space at solid level levels in which logic and difficulty change as you pass more levels
– draw out space dust when it comes out of your space alarm clock, because space worms need it
and much more…
The adventure really begins when the set sleeps in! Enter the magical universe of sleep and enjoy the click, puzzle and entertainment levels with our sleepy friend! Follow your little friends in space, solve puzzles, collect stars and have fun with many other mini games!

How to play Sweet Drmzzz

Think outside the box to solve each puzzle. You will need to understand what is happening and find out what to do to solve them. You will just need to use the mouse to play