Swords And Sandals Game

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Swords And Sandals HTML5

Swords And Sandals

Swords and Sandals

Swords and Sandals is an epic mini gladiator game. Create your hero and fight your way to fame and fortune in the sand of the arena. Defeat all seven arena champions. You can also buy equipment upgrades.
It begins, like all other adventures, with a single pirate hero. After a strong storm, his ship was wrecked and he found himself in a coma on Doomtrek Island and its brutal arena. Despair makes him a gladiator, but he gains freedom by defeating the 7 Arena Champions.
Join Swords and Sandals game, you will transform into a gladiator and will have the right to change your hairstyle, skin color, beard to create your own majesty. You will also be added to the body indexes that you want to enhance: strength, agility, intelligence, armor … You can also use all weapons: sword, spear, mace , ax, milling cutter …
In the game Swords and Sandals, in addition to the ancient arena, you can also go to other places such as shops, churches, blacksmiths to equip items for yourself to serve the battle. There are two factors that you need to pay attention to: blood and energy. If you run out of two, it will not work out the way and will lose.
Listen to the roaring crowd as you join the arena champions in this epic adventure. Unleash the inner hero and become the ultimate gladiator.

How to play Swords and Sandals

Use the mouse to play