Tank Off Game

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Tank Off HTML5

Tank Off

Tank Off 

Tank Off is a realistic and fun multiplayer tank battle game. In this 3D game, you control a tank fighting a lot of other enemies. Your tanks and the enemies are similar, both giants have hard armor and a variety of epic weapons.
You have to move around a series of different maps and destroy enemy tanks, use your cannon to blast them into oblivion.
You must try to steal the flag of the enemy without destroying it and return it to your base while protecting your base and preventing the enemy from stealing it.
The game with a great graphical interface, vivid battle tank images, vibrant sound and compelling content will give you a great experience.
Each level has a limited time, during which time you need to destroy the tanks, steal more flags than them to win and unlock the next level.
At the top of the screen is the time display along with the number of flags you stole, the number of enemies you kill and the enemy also. Through these indicators you can see what you need to add.
Move around the map to find flags, find enemies and destroy. When you win, you will receive congratulations by a brilliant fireworks display and then you continue to participate in other battles.
The game is completely free for all players of all ages, meaning you don’t have to pay for any activities related to this game.
This game will bring you exciting moments of relaxation after a day of hard work and study; At the same time it helps you kill time very well, such as when you are waiting for the bus, you are waiting for someone or you are waiting in line.

How to play Tank Off 

Tank Off uses mouse to shoot, arrow key to move.