Tank Trouble 2 Game

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Tank Trouble 2 HTML5

Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 has returned and added many levels and mechanics, along with a bunch of new guns available in your hand to create anarchy in your game. In this game, your mission will be to destroy all enemies and remain the last tank alive. Every time you survive, you will gain a point. If you play alone, you can fight AI in a one-on-one match, with the same rules and different difficulties to make things much more interesting. To make things better, the game gives you a huge amount of weapons, giving your enemies an advantage.
Tank Trouble 2 is a simple game, but the gameplay is highly addictive and entertaining. You can play with up to three other players and have to fight for supremacy in the labyrinth arena. The cannon bullets you fire from the maze walls, so be careful and watch out for stray bullets. You can shoot tanks with your bullets so be careful.

How to play Tank Trouble 2

You will have 3 different game modes in this game: 1 player, 2 players and 3 players.
– For 1 player you will use the arrow keys & M to Move and shoot.
– If you choose a 2-player mod, the second player will use the keys E, D, S, F and Q to move and shoot. The E key is to move forward, the D key is to move backward, S is to turn left and F is to turn right. To shoot a target, use the Q key.
– If you choose a 3-player mod, the second player will reuse the keys E, D, S, F and Q with the same function and the third player will use the mouse. Mouse move is enough to move third tank. To shoot the target, the third player should use the right mouse.