Tank Trouble 3 Game

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Tank Trouble 3 HTML5

Tank Trouble 3

Tank Trouble 3

Tank Trouble 3 is the 3rd version of the previous exciting and thrilling tank incident series. The main objective in this game is to win the tank battle. Your bullets bounce off the walls of the maze and can damage your tank, so you need to be a smart sniper, use great coordination with your members to fight. beat your opponent. This game is also a way for you to test your tank fighting skills when playing with other tanks. The faster you eliminate enemies, the bigger your score in the game. The speed needed to give you the rush of adrenalin in great games. And you don’t need to be young to enjoy the game, design and gameplay of Tank Trouble 3 created to suit people of all ages.
The levels in Tank Trouble 3 are randomly generated. This increases the fun in the game, as you face new challenges with new levels in the game. The difficulty increases as you become better and better in the game. When you shoot bullets at a wall, you can defeat the enemy without coming into contact with them. The level of difficulty is achieved by how fast you are in attacks. Your opponent in the game has the same tank as you and your level goes up when you remove points from your opponent.

How to play Tank Trouble 3

- For 1 player: you use the ESDF keys to control the tank and the Q button is used to shoot.
– For 2 players: The second player will use the arrow keys to control the tank and the M button when firing.
– For 3 players: 3rd player will use right mouse to control the game.