Tank Trouble 4 Game

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Tank Trouble 4 HTML5

Tank Trouble 4

Tank Trouble 4

Tank Trouble 4 is a shooting game where you control a small tank and shoot the bullets that plan to bring down your opponent’s tank according to the mode you are playing. You will get points to shoot down enemies and advance to the next level. As you play, the breakdown of levels will increase and you need to improve your shooting skills at each level.
In the game Tank Trouble 4, there will be different catalysts appearing on the maze and they add extraordinary forces to your tank. A player should therefore expect to choose these different effects to enhance the ability of his tank.
There are many different weapons to choose from, from ordinary bullets to uncommon bombs that will slay enemies in one go. As the level progresses, you will decide to change these weapons. To avoid bullets, you should press on the median strip of the maze. This reduces the risk of hitting you.
This is a really interesting game that helps players eliminate all fatigue and stress after a hard working day. You can play the game with your friends to increase the attractiveness as well as the thrill of the game. Are you ready to fight any enemy yet?

Tank Trouble 4

- For 1 player: you will use the arrow keys & M to Move and shoot.
– If you choose 2 player mode: the second player will use the keys E, D, S, F and Q to move and shoot.
– If you choose 3 player mode: the 3rd player will use the right mouse to move the game control.