Tarzan Ball Game

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Tarzan Ball HTML5

Tarzan Ball

Tarzan Ball

Tarzan Ball is the exciting version of IQ Ball! Help the little purple creature get the red and white target. It can do this directly, but the more you get, the harder it is: you’ll have to do this indirectly. Move obstacles and approach the target in as few clicks as possible!
Your goal is to get little purple Tarzan ball critter to the goal. To do this, you shoot out at the person who grabs him and clings to everything to bring him to his goal.
Great action / puzzle game with cute graphics and very addictive gameplay. Hold down the left mouse button to use your expandable sticky arm. Use as few clicks as possible to reach Bull’s Eye. Tarzan Ball is the sequel to the IQ Ball physics puzzle game! Use your extended sticky arms to help smooth balls reach Bull’s Eye with as few clicks as possible. Can you pass all 25 levels and complete the Bonus levels? Do not forget to submit your score!

How to play Tarzan Ball

Guide the purple creature to the target. The arm of the creature grows and the sticky face can cling to everything. That’s how Tarzan Ball moves back to his world.
You will have to extend your sticky arm to grab objects and move yourself to the circular target at each level. Do this in as few moves as possible. Do not let yourself get stuck or you will have to restart the level.
Use your expandable sticky arm to help the smooth ball reach Bull’s Eye with as few clicks as possible in all new levels including beach, winter, rock concert themes & basketball. Can you pass all 25 levels?