Teddies and Monsters Game

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Teddies and Monsters HTML5

Teddies and Monsters

Teddies and Monsters

Teddies and Monsters is a beautiful and polite physics-based block shooting game that will test your shooting skills with various challenges. Your goal is to free teddy bears from monsters. Push the evil monsters in lava, and don’t let the bears fall with them.
Teddies and Monsters is an interesting online game featuring 24 levels. You will have to make shots from the designated area to knock the monsters off the screen while keeping the teddy bears.
Launch balls from inside the sketched areas to push the monster blocks into the lava, while making sure the teddy bear blocks remain cool and safe.
Help some adorable and usable bears defeat some non-adorable or usable animals.
In this game, save our cute teddy bears from the monsters, you need to throw all the monsters into the lava sea. Make sure our teddies remain safe. Teddies must not be dropped into the ocean. In this game, you have a ball, which will gain momentum according to your arrow drawing action.
Kill scary monsters and spare the cute teddy bears in this physics puzzle! Aim and launch balls inside the designated area so all monsters fall into the lava. You will have to be careful not to hit any teddy bears on the lava. Your photo is limited and you will earn one to three stars depending on the number of photos you take to complete the mission.

How to play Teddies and Monsters

In this game, you try to blow away all monsters into lava. Besides, you have to be very careful about the bears, which opposites must remain on the platform. The first levels are relatively easy, but gradually there will be many obstacles in your way.
Your goal is to beat monsters into lava without hurting the teddy bears. Click inside the red box, hold down the button and draw your picture. Collect stars by taking in as few photos as possible!