Temple Of Boom Game

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Temple Of Boom HTML5

Temple Of Boom

Temple Of Boom

Temple Of Boom is a fighting game in many arenas with vibrant music. You will join the battlefield and destroy all your enemies in this new game, you can play alone (campaign or endless), or you can find a friend and fight with that person. .
This is a fighting game completely different from other games in that it uses music to destroy enemies other than using bullets like in other games. You will create music to destroy the enemy, by both moving and blowing the music, the notes shot at the enemy will destroy them. Your music has tremendous damage, it makes the listener feel painful to death.
Open chests to collect new weapons, ammo, health to destroy all enemies in a challenging 1-player or endless mode campaign or play with a friend in 2-player mode (3 copies exclusive items).
When going a long way, destroying enemies on the road, you will face bigger, stronger enemies.
Collect gold coins and other weapons to strengthen you. Using money to buy upgrades makes you stronger and more likely to damage.
You can run and jump, move flexibly to dodge obstacles and kill enemies.
The game is completely free, you do not have to pay for any activities from the download as well as when playing this game.

How to play Temple Of Boom

Temple Of Boom is done with the following controls:
Control 1 player mode: arrow keys – move, Z – shoot and X – change weapons. Control 2 player modes: 1 WASD player – move, C – shoot, V – change weapons.
Player 2: Arrow keys – move, K – shoot and L change weapons.
This game will bring you many interesting things, it has been carefully selected by us, to help players entertain well without affecting the psychology of the players. Wish you will have moments of fun gaming at our website.