Territory War 2 Game

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Territory War 2 HTML5

Territory War 2

Territory War 2

Territory War 2 is a turn-based strategy game inspired by classic Worms. Control the stick-shaped character and destroy all elements of the opposing team to conquer territory. Players will fight against the stickman. You will play against the computer and take turns moving, attacking or defending.
Territory War 2 is one of the few stick man games that really requires a lot of strategy to defeat. There are several difficulties and different levels of play. How many of your stickman brothers will you lose to the enemy? Can you beat all the levels in Territory War 2 or will you give up earlier? There is only one way to find out so go there and play your games!
In fact, there are only two weapons to use, shoot with a rifle or throw grenades. Besides, you can kick people and make them fly to the abyss in the right moments. Play against the computer in Campaign mode or challenge your friends in a fierce battle in Custom Battle. The Territory War 2 game will also track your statistical progress until killing, firing head, accuracy …
Play Territory War 2 and you will love it, Territory War 2 is fun and very addictive. Be sure of your decision in each round to win the duel. Have fun with the stick figures.

How to play Territory War 2

- Mouse to select
– Arrow keys to move
– Space to jump