Territory War Game

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Territory War HTML5

Territory War

Territory War

Territory War is a strategy game by the maker of Afro Ninja. This stick-shaped fighting game is based on the concept of fighting your team against others with victory being a hopeful result. You work your way from battle to battle, unlock more levels and continue your adventure to become the best of the best in this fighting game. The fight is very simple, you are providing the option to move your character.
Territory War is an exciting and engaging turn-based strategy game in which you control an army of stickmen soldiers. You can play in three different game modes: campaign, challenge and custom combat. Before starting to fight, you can choose the name of each team member and your team name.
In each battle, you must control each individual member of your team and move them into position. Once you have moved them, you can choose from a variety of different weapons. Choose your weapon and then aim and shoot. Try to destroy the enemy team and avoid taking damage. Beware of friendly fire because your own bullets and explosions can kill your own players. Can you win the territory war?
Review of Territory War
The move feature is spectacular, allowing each character to move exactly the same distance during each move, but you have complete control of the movement until you reach the set distance, even you can Dance. Battles can sometimes be long, but always fun. They differ in environment and number of fighters per team. As you progress through campaign mode, you can unlock new levels and looks. You can even name each teammate as you wish. Multiplayer mode also adds to the fun when you can make friends with a friend in a fully customizable battle.
Territory War is a great action strategy game that will keep you entertained for at least half an hour.

How to play Territory War

- Left and right arrows to move
– Space bar to jump
– 1234 to use action