Tetroid Game

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Tetroid HTML5



Tetroid is a regular puzzle game, in which the goal is to create a single block line. Looking for something not too hard to play? This is a casual online game with colorful animations and clean, easy to play. It is like a version of Tetris but without pressure. You will be presented with three choices of blocks and you must decide their position.
Prepare yourself for a series of challenges in this unique puzzle game. Fill the board with colored bricks and find out how quickly you can turn them.
In this puzzle game, you drag and drop elements on the 10 x 10 board and fill in horizontal or vertical rows to clear your board. The game ends when you can no longer place an element on your board.
Make sure not to place the shapes in a way that will block any columns or rows you may be forming. You must use one of the three options before you get a new set of shapes to place on the chart. Check your scores and get as many points as possible before you run out of space in this cute and simple online game.
This game is exactly like Tetris, with the difference that the blocks don’t fall from the sky, you have to catch them and place them the way you think is right to create entire rows of bricks and make them disappear. Always be careful not to get a block that you can no longer fit.

How to play Tetroid

Click and drag a brick to place it on the board. Score by filling out a row or column. You will lose if you do not have space to place a brick.