The Final Earth Game

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The Final Earth HTML5

The Final Earth

The Final Earth

It was 2100 and the Earth could not be inhabited by devastating climate change. As a great scientist, you are prepared, of course. Over the past fifty years, you’ve built an instant and self-transporting device and some material across the galaxy to the only habitable planet you can find. Unfortunately, it is quite small. Can you build a new society on this planet?
Final Earth 2 is a vertical city builder in space. Earth is not possible, so you decide to create a space colony. Gather resources, then build and research your way to a better future!
Research on advanced technology and make your city grow into a big metropolis. When your little world becomes too small, fly to other worlds by spaceship or even building teleportation.
A good path, a balanced resource production and a decent happpiness index are important. Lots of buildings work together.
Buildings can be stacked indefinitely, although if you build them very tall, you can’t see them anymore. As of August 2019, the maximum population is 2000 to limit calculation downloads. However, this limit may be increased by in-game players.

How to play The Final Earth

Your goal is to build a fully functioning colony on a new planet. You need to collect food, wood and stone to build new buildings. You can see your resources at the bottom right of the screen. To get started, build a quarry and a wood carving center by clicking on the image in the lower left corner, then clicking on the open space hitting the ground. Then build houses to increase population and farms to earn more food. Keep track of your resources and try to keep your colony fed and happy.