The I of It Game

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The I of It HTML5

The I of It

The I of It

My bizarre adventures from the word It. Help me find the letter T in this fun puzzle game on this platform. Solve a variety of different puzzles to complete each level. Use clues and hints to complete each challenge in one of the best online puzzle games. Life is not like me after T left, so help reunite them! Instructions included in the game, just click the button during play if you get stuck at any level.
The “T” word has run away! Now I will look for his friend, because he feels so lonely. It will have to do all the tricks to achieve its goals, because the way it goes, full of obstacles. It has to make it shorter or taller, pull yourself up on obstacles, walk on the ceiling, dodge blocks, you name it. This is really a fun and unique game in which you have to use your brain to take me further and further!
This last thing is the premise behind The I of It, a unique puzzle platform from Gameshot, in which the “t” of the word “It” runs away, prompting “I” to start a quest to find him.

How to play The I of It game

Use the Arrow keys or WASD or the touch control to move. Follow the game instructions or see our guide for help.
Use the arrow keys to move I around and make it taller and shorter. You will have to find out the rest.
“I” can move left or right, but cannot jump. However, it can stretch and shrink by moving up and down. This allows “me” to reach inaccessible places, either by zooming in to fit small paths or by stretching to grab a ledge with its leading serif. Other features, such as moving platforms and unusual gravity, help “I” navigate various obstacles and hazards, in the mission of reuniting with “t”.