The Skull Kid Game

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The Skull Kid HTML5

The Skull Kid

The Skull Kid

The Skull Kid is scary action game. Your goal is to go to the emergency exit without being killed by office workers. Your character is a skull child suffering from mental illness, he has no control over his behavior and becomes a murderer. He kills frantically, kills and destroys everything in his path whether it be an object or a person in the office space. Create a bloody rage and destroy office supplies and make it safe to get to the emergency exit on time.
In the first stage of the game, you bring a chainsaw that can cut through anything and anyone, nothing can stop you at this stage. As you level up, it becomes more difficult when office workers are alert to your actions and start fighting again. They try to stop you by getting in the way or killing you. Obstacles slow you down but you are happy to kill them with your awesome weapons like chainsaws and other guns. Killing is not an easy task and you have to hurry to the emergency exit to escape and move on to the next level to kill more people.
There are many levels, Each mission level and weapon selection are completely different, for example the weapon of choice at level 1 is Chainsaw but your level 2 weapon is a gun.
Moreover, you can change the quality of the game anytime you want.

How to play The Skull Kid

The Skull Kid uses the following to control:
Use right / left arrow keys to move forward / backward.
Use the up / down arrow keys to stand up / duck while fighting.
Use the space bar to use weapons.
Press 1 for low quality, 2 for medium quality, 3 for high quality and 4 for smart quality.
Also, you can stop the music game by pressing the S key.