The Sun for the Vampire 2 Game

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The Sun for the Vampire 2 HTML5

The Sun for the Vampire 2

The Sun for the Vampire 2

The Sun for the Vampire 2 is a great physics puzzle game about vampires. Help the Vampire escape the castle of monsters and find the witch, who can help him survive under the sun.
Vampires are bloodthirsty creatures in the night, most, but not always. Not in this case. The little vampire from this story really wants to see the sun, so he asks for help from the local druid. He advised him to go to the terrible castle where his sister, the witch, lived.
The Sun for the Vampire 2 does exactly what a sequel should or should do. It extends and refines the concepts of the original while taking them in new directions. The first game had a few small puzzle elements, but mostly focused on precise flight segments.
The Sun for the Vampire 2 game is very interesting and it attracts your attention, because each level is different. In each level, you must collect keys and break into doors. There are all sorts of obstacles on your way: sentry, barricades, shotguns, aspen piles … Some concrete walls can move if pressing a certain button or if you pull the switch down. . Instead of jumping over small vampires that can switch to bat mode and fly over any abyss, this is great.
The witch can help him, but first he has to come to her. The road is dangerous and well protected. The castle is also haunted. If the little vampire manages to overcome it all, he will receive a reward for seeing the sun. Coins, destroy boxes, kill guards and complete certain levels.

How to play The Sun for the Vampire 2

- AD: move
– W or space: bat mode