The Sun for the Vampire Game

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The Sun for the Vampire HTML5

The Sun for the Vampire

The Sun for the Vampire

The Sun for the Vampire is an addictive game that receives a lot of love from players around the world. Now, you can play this fun game for free. Join a vampire who can turn into a bat and fly on his adventure in this fun puzzle platformer game. You need to help him to finally be able to see the sun.
It’s easy to learn how to play but hard to master. Your mission in The Sun for the Vampire is to help vampires explore the castle, learn the secrets of magic, and finally see it. You can turn into bats and fly around the castle, pushing boxes and guards, control mechanisms and doors. Inside the castle, there are keys to collect to unlock the doors that lead deeper inside.
The Sun for the Vampire that seems like a fairly ordinary puzzle platformer experience suddenly becomes a rigorous test of skill, accuracy, and time when you have to skillfully navigate the castle in bat form. while solving puzzles and defeating enemies with their feet. There are 30 exciting levels, lots of traps and dangerous enemies. Do not be trapped or protected. Can you collect the coins in each level?
If you have free time, The Sun for the Vampire will be a perfect choice that we recommend. With beautiful graphics style, high quality interface and smooth animation, this game does not disappoint. If you invite your friends to play with, it will be a lot of fun. Just give it a try and enjoy now. Good luck and happy.

How to play The Sun for the Vampire

- Use left and right arrow keys to move
– Press up to turn into a bat and fly