Three Goblets Game

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Three Goblets HTML5

Three Goblets

Three Goblets

Three Goblets is a fun game where you slowly upgrade max life, damage, armor, and speed over time to defeat more powerful monsters. You also have to combine items you loot to make them more powerful.
Features an 8 bit graphics and minimalistic interface. Will you be able to defeat all three stages?
Defeat monsters to get more powerful to defeat more powerful monsters. Also, get some goblets along the way. Battle various monsters through different areas while picking up dropped loot and hoping to make it further once you faint. Once you have died, you can use points to upgrade your character, put on armor, or smelt armor into new, more rare items. Keep managing yourself so that you can get stronger and make it much further.
Lastly, specialize your character with stats and custom talents that will change the way you play. Which ones are the best? There are multiple ways to build your character, so try a few different options and see what works best.

How to play  Three Goblets

In battle, click to select the monster you wish to attack. Your hero automatically attacks monsters and collects their loot.
When you fall in battle, you’ll return to town. Equip the best items to make yourself more powerful. Hold the SHIFT button and click to dismantle items that you don’t want. When you dismantle enough items, you can craft new rewards from the forge.