Tiny Heist Game

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Tiny Heist HTML5

Tiny Heist

Tiny Heist

Tiny Heist is the retro style arcade game in which you must complete tricky levels by reaching the target areas without colliding with the various dangerous objects that fly your way. You cannot jump in this game, you must use gravity to stick to the walls and the platforms. Switch between surface whilst moving in the correct direction to complete each level. Carefully plan your route and sneak past security guards as you try to reach the top of the 15 store building.
Each time you play the new floor plans are randomly generated. Scale the tower, avoid patrol bots and reach the rooftop with as many gems as you can find! Sneak into the tower, and see how far you can go! Use the arrow keys to move. Get to the pink staircase in each level to reach the next floor. But watch out for patrolling guards, sleeping dogs, and cameras! If they spot you, they’ll chase you down. Sneak up behind them (but stay out of the light) and walk into them to knock them out. If you need to wait for a guard, dog, or camera, press Z or Space to pass the time.
If the staircase is behind a green door, you’ll need a key to open it. You can also get special items that each have their own ability.

How to play Tiny Heist

- AD or left/right arrow to move
– W or up arrow or Z or space bar to reverse the captain’s gravity
– Press 1, 2, or 3 to use them.