Tiny King Game

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Tiny King HTML5

Tiny King

Tiny King

Help this Tiny King to find the last cake in the castle. He is very hungry and cannot wait much longer to get his hands on this very last cake. Be cautious of your surroundings and try to find a way to solve the problems during this royal mission for food.
Pass each level by finding the key and bringing it to the blue key monster. Move or interact with the highlighted objects to locate the hidden key. Don’t forget to collect the golden tickets!
This tiny king woke up one day to find his cake stolen! Now he travels everywhere through a magic blue door, searching for his precious cake. But it’s not always easy to find the key to open it, and you have to help him solve the puzzles to continue the tiny king’s journey towards the cake!
Imagine what you would do if you saved yourself some cake but wake up to find it gone? Our tiny King loves his cake and in this game, while the king was sleeping, someone came in and stole his cake! The king is frantic to find his delicious cake so he needs your help and master problem solving skills to explore his entire kingdom until he is able to locate the cake. There are many levels in the game with obstacles and challenges so the King needs your guidance to solve them which will mean he can move forward to the next level. Nothing will stop the King from finding his birthday cake so he must collect all the keys in each level and use them to unlock the monster door that leads to the next level. It will get more challenging to find the keys as you go through each level.

How to play Tiny King

Click play and select your level. Use your mouse, touchpad or touchscreen to click and drag the interactive objects in each level. Once the key is found, pick it up and drag it to the key monster.