Total tankage Game

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Total tankage HTML5

Total tankage

Total tankage

Total Tankage is a 2 player top down tank battle arena where you take control of a tank and your goal is to win the most match and outscore your opponent. In each match, you must hit the opponent first with your cannon fire. Cannon bullets can ricochet on the walls, so you can angle your shots in the maze-like levels. However, be careful as you can also get hit by your own bullets. Power-ups can spawn randomly on the map. Most power-ups will help you win the battle, but some will hinder your victory. The game can also be played with up to 3 players.
This is a game that can be played in one, two or three players mode. As you lay the game you will find yourself driving a tank in a maze like an area. You ought to maneuver your tank very skillfully and launch attacks effectively to destroy the enemy tanks while skillfully dodging their attacks. Many useful items will randomly appear in the play area, try to collect them.
The objective in Total Tankage is simple, operate a massive war tank to destroy your opponent before he destroys you. Battle against computer artificial intelligent or grab a friend to battle in 2 players mode. Collect power ups inside the maps to help you, some protect you some give you massive damage.
Destroy your opponents in this arcade wargame. You can play against the computer or you can play against other players. Collect the coins that appear. They will give you bonus items like protection against your enemies and crazy weapons to increase your power of destruction!

How to play Total tankage

Mouse – Navigate
LMB – interact / Select
Player 1: – Arrow Keys – Move
– M – Fire
Player 2: – SDEF – Move
– Q – Fire
Player 3: – Mouse – Move
– LMB – Fire