Tower of Destiny Game

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Tower of Destiny HTML5

Tower of Destiny

Tower of Destiny

Welcome to this fascinating and exciting¬†Tower of Destiny game. Your goal is to jump and climb on different levels of towers and collect treasures and other valuables. Climb as high as possible to get the best score possible. Once you’ve collected all valuable items at the current level, use the ladder to go to the next floor. Avoid dangerous monsters or jump on them to kill them. Dodge fireballs, jump over sharp holes and skim through slime barrels to survive. Click or click on the space bar to jump. Open the treasure chest to release the ladder to the next floor. Collect gold and gems to buy cool upgrades. There will be loads of surprises waiting for you at different levels.
The game will have many different levels with countless enemies, gold and gems to win in this game. The higher the level of the game, the harder the game will be, so you need to be very careful to avoid unnecessary collisions. Coming to the game, you will be fascinated in the game for hours. That’s how addictive the whole set. When there is not much to do or you feel frustrated, this game can be easily filled. Come to the game immediately to see the attraction it brings. Definitely a great option for anyone!

How to play Tower of Destiny

Players use the left mouse button or spacebar to jump. Try to get blue diamonds or gold coins and treasure your treasure chest to open them. Climb the higher floors and avoid spike traps, saw blades and snail-looking monsters. Good luck!