Traffic Run Game

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Traffic Run HTML5

Traffic Run

Traffic Run

Traffic Run is a crossroads game, in which you need to drive and stay safe without getting stuck in traffic. This is a fun running game with a car theme, passing any intersection without a problem.
In Traffic Run Online cross the road without meeting anyone else to complete challenging levels!
Avoid traffic as you race to the finish line in each level. Try to complete all 30 challenging levels in this exciting online 3d driving game. Just drive forward on the road, just stop in time so you don’t crash into any other car or train. Based on the popular app, play this game online on any device, with 6 achievements for you to try unlocking ..
You can use any car among dozens of cars and make your game more interesting. Try to stay away from cars and trains running on you, as fast as you can. Try to collect all the gold coins inside the game. These coins will be helpful in buying new cars and colors.
At your wheels, drive in busy traffic and try to get to your destination while avoiding a collision. The game is easy to hold in hand with minimized controls: hold the left mouse button to move forward and release the brake. Collect gold coins to unlock one of the 18 available vehicles. An interesting skill game with hundreds of levels.

How to play Traffic Run

Just touch and hold to accelerate your car and release it for a tough break. Don’t forget to collect money along the way because you can use them to unlock new cars or colors later!
You will have to manage different chains of crowded intersections, dangerous railroad crossings and unexpected turns. Enter the traffic lanes and exit the freeway at the right time, combining elements of driving games, traffic management and Frogger. To drive your car, press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and hold to accelerate. Release the button to brake. Your car will automatically choose the correct turn, but you determine the speed, when to press the brakes and when to step on the accelerator.