Traffic Slam 3 Game

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Traffic Slam 3 HTML5

Traffic Slam 3

Traffic Slam 3

Traffic Slam 3 is an exciting racing and destruction game. Not only racing but you also participate in destructive battles, competing with other players. This game is very suitable for those who love speed. You will cause the biggest car crash possible by completing the missions.
Drive your car in the big city with lots of transportation. You can crash into anything to destroy them, slow down on busy streets, collect bonuses and make daring jumps. However, when you move too fast and make apple jumps you will easily lead to it is difficult for you to control your vehicle and it can lead to strong collisions that cause a lot of car damage.
Use the coins you collect to buy upgrades for your car. Upgrading your car will help you move faster, destroying other cars more easily.
Be the master of disaster in this destructive racing game, destroy all cars along the way. Complete your explosive mission as quickly as possible.
With this game, you can play completely free, you can play online or download to play, playing online will help you save the results of the battle and compete with other players on the rankings. player achievements. However, you can download it to play when there is no regular internet connection.
The game is suitable for most devices like android, ios, computers, … so very convenient to play, you can play anytime, anywhere.
This game is suitable for all players, regardless of gender age and players from around the world can play this game.

How to play  Traffic Slam 3

Traffic Slam 3 gives players very interesting racing stages, not only very good entertainment after a hard day of study and work, but it also helps you kill time very well. Use the controls for this game as follows:
Use the arrow keys to play this game
Steering space = Fuze
Z = Drifting
X = Use items
R = Reposition
C = See behind