Transmorpher Game

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Transmorpher HTML5



Transmorpher is an adventure game and action game extremely attractive and interesting. When participating in Transfiguration, players will have the opportunity to play the role of Transmorpher, an alien creature capable of changing many different shapes through armor. Your task is to accompany Transmorpher through all the gates in the game using different shapes to suit each situation.
A liquid with the ability to think like a human, can also be said to be a transfigured creature. It has the ability to absorb a number of other species to transform into its form and use the same ability of the organism it has just absorbed. However, this creature has been put into a space capsule to study. But he doesn’t want to be taken as an experiment. Please help this creature, from the time it was like a liquid, teleport to escape from its confinement.
You need to help this creature absorb the mobility of some of the other creatures on board, and use those abilities in time to get through the dangerous chemical labs in Transmorpher. The ability to jump, the ability to cling to walls … all will help you move easier with each level.
Escape the mud factory, set your timing to jump, and avoid dangerous obstacles as you control your mud monster with the mouse or keyboard in this fun Transmorpher. In each level, sometimes they have to switch into different character assignments to be able to overcome the obstacles safely. Game Transmorpher will test your intellect as well as your ingenuity when transforming the abilities of the characters in the game.

How to play Transmorpher

- AD or left and right arrows to move
– Arrow W or up to jump
– 1234 to change form