Truck Loader 2 Game

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Truck Loader 2 HTML5

Truck Loader 2

Truck Loader 2

Truck Loader 2 is a simple but no less interesting physics-based skill game. With this next version, you will still control a vehicle equipped with a robot arm to unload cargo onto another truck, so that the boxes must be arranged in accordance with the requirements of each game screen. . To do that requires you to be very skillful, not only that in every level of the game will be very challenging because the obstacles require you to carefully observe and calculate reasonably to be able to overcome.
The loader will have some new tricks in the sleeve and the warehouse has grown into an obstacle. You need to be careful yourself. Coming to this Truck loader 2, all challenges will be harder than the previous one, requiring you to apply logic more than previous versions. Besides, be careful with how you carry the bin and the time you waste when loading trucks. It can be said that this is a very interesting game and suitable for anyone who is looking for something to explore. All surprises await the player ahead. Are you ready to take on any challenge?

How to play Truck Loader 2

Packages are ready to be loaded onto trucks, all you have to do is take them there. Use the mouse and keyboard to move your loader, pick up the boxes and stack them on the truck to succeed in this puzzle game. It’s not as easy as audio solving sequence codes, avoiding obstacles and handling sophisticated packages carefully! Complete each mission assigned to become an outstanding player of victory in this exciting game.