Truck Loader 3 Game

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Truck Loader 3 HTML5

Truck Loader 3

Truck Loader 3

Truck Loader 3 has appeared and is full of power. This time, our golden hero will meet new puzzles and find new abilities in all 30 extremely exciting levels. Explosive boxes, ramps and a small surprise for truck fans. Complete all the challenging levels that the game offers. In each level, there is a truck waiting for you to load it in one or more different bins. Use your magnetic arm to carry the barrel and stow them in the back of the truck. On some levels, you’ll have to use the barrel to press the colored buttons to give you the path to the next platform you need to get closer to the truck. Be careful with the way you carry the bin and the time you waste loading trucks, there are minus points if you fail. In this game is relatively difficult so it requires you to apply logic more than previous versions.
During the game, if you do not like the music in the game, you have the option to turn it off. You can also turn off sound effects, as well as switch graphics between high, medium and low settings. This allows players with poor graphics cards or slow internet speeds to enjoy the game. Get ready and beat every level of the game right away!

How to play Truck Loader 3

The madcap has returned with more physics puzzles to solve. These trucks will load themselves! Break a box of elbow grease and start moving the barrels.
– Use left / right arrow keys to move
– Use mouse to control the robot arm.
– Press space to jump