Truck Loader 4 Game

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Truck Loader 4 HTML5

Truck Loader 4

Truck Loader 4

Truck loader 4 is an exciting car game. With this game, players play like the previous three, the job will be to recover the boxes and put them in the right position on the vehicle before leaving the car from the truck, you leave the car and fill the yard.
The game will have many levels for players to explore. With each level, you have to collect a different number of boxes and sometimes fill them into two separate tracks. Boxes fall from different positions and sometimes trucks are placed in positions that can only be explained as awkward. There are only so many different places to place trucks so that the levels become repetitive. The faster the player completes the levels, the higher the score and while this may seem simple at first, every challenge will increase as you go deeper. So you have to be more careful as well as more skillful.

How to Truck Loader 4

Lots of boxes to load, very little time. But when you have a forklift with a magnetic arm, the moving boxes will travel a lot faster. Unfortunately, the repository of the future may be difficult to navigate. Solve the secret of this puzzle game to load up trucks at each level.
– Use the AD / Arrow keys to move
– Press Up arrow key / Space to jump
– Use the mouse to activate the magnet
– Press the R button to reboot
– Press RR to reboot quickly
Tips and tricks
– You can reboot, turn on / off the sound on the game screen.
– If you’re stuck on a stage, click the Walkential button to see how to get past it.
– When the vehicle is overturned, use the space to park.