Truck Loader Game

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Truck Loader HTML5

Truck Loader

Truck Loader

Truck Loader is a simple physics-based driving puzzle game. Coming to the game, the task of the player in this game is to control the car that supplies the truck, move the boxes around with your magnetic arm and place them in the labeled area of the vehicle download. You have to be skillful to control the suction truck so that it is in the right position to drive it. The game will have all 20 different challenging levels for you to try, the higher the level, the harder the task. So you need to calculate as well as be very careful in shipping.
Joining the game in addition to the agility you also have to be very skillful, because external games require you to perform operations as quickly as possible and require the most accurate. Besides, the arrangement of goods will seem like a simple task, but it requires players to have reasonable creative thinking to complete the job as quickly as possible, as well as how to arrange the scientific, the least space occupied. Are you ready to go through all the challenging levels?

How to play Truck Loader

How to play is very simple, you use the arrow keys left and right on the keyboard to move and use the mouse to control the robot arm. When you want to pick up a box, you move your arm close to the box and then click and hold the left mouse button so you can move the box away. Just like that, you conquer all the levels of the game within the time that each screen allows.