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Tube Master is the best solution for your iPhone does not turn off the sound when listening to songs at Youtube in lock screen mode. In addition, Tube Master can also completely replace the YouTube application to reduce the download capacity because it weighs less than 10Mb and supports most of the features that YouTube provides.
How to use Tube Master is not difficult when it is designed with a simple interface, including YouTube video search tools for you to use. After downloading, find the songs you want to hear to enjoy and if necessary, you can still turn off the screen without losing sound. This is a great advantage that the original YouTube application does not have, helping you enjoy great music listening moments.
This application is relatively simple to give you the search bar for the song you want to listen, and allows you to create Playlists according to your preferences.
With these 2 features, it is completely possible to satisfy your need for listening to Youtube music. However, the weakness of the application is the relatively slow response speed, as well as the interface is not as beautiful as the first two applications introduced.
Tube Master is also a useful application for those who are interested in listening to music on iPhone because from here you can find all your favorite songs and watch their videos. Best of all, this app only weighs 10Mb, you can completely use it to replace Youtube or other music applications on mobile to save space for your device.
This is an alternative to YouTube to help you listen to music, but you should be patient because sometimes content will load at a fairly slow speed after opening the video. In addition to playing music when the screen is off, Tube Master also has many optimization features such as selecting many favorite songs or finding videos by themes.

To install and use Tube Master, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Download the Tube Master software on the App Store app store.
Step 2: Open the application, click the magnifying glass icon on the main interface to find items.
Step 3: Turn on the music and enjoy the song, you can exit the application to do other things or turn off the screen and still experience the music.