Tug the Table Game

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Tug the Table HTML5

Tug the Table

Tug the Table

In Tug the Table, we fight violence! Sit in front of the screen together to solve problems with this game. Are you ready for some friendly contests?
The Tug the Table game allows you to test your strength and endurance. It is a great tug of war game for one or two players. In this game, you have to control your character, clutch the table and try to wave your opponent on the finish line. The physics involved are difficult and you must have the right time to pull the table towards you. For each match, you must be the first to pull the table 5 times.
To make the game more interesting, there are countless different types of tables to choose from. Different colors include red, silver, wood and metal. In addition, there are a number of different locations to choose from, including spacecraft, winter wonderland and cityscapes. These items are unlocked when you win the battle.
Once you’ve mastered the solo matches, try the 2-player version. In 2-player battles, you can use dual controls to fight against your friends. See who can win the tug of war today.

How to play Tug the Table

Press the arrow keys or W to drag the board