Tunnel Rush Game

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Tunnel Rush HTML5

Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is a great dodge game. The fast-paced Tunnel Rush is inspired by Slope and Run 3, requiring players to have nerves of steel and sharp reflexes.
You are on your way to an event but will have to go through colorful tunnels with brilliant speed. It may look fun but the pitfalls will slow you down. Pass through the turnstile using the arrows on your keyboard. Hover over the tunnel and set a new record. How far can you go? Unlock the new color behind the door and if it becomes overwhelming, click pause and continue where you left off. Simple as that.
You need to be very agile and accurate to see the location of the obstacle and quickly move your position away to avoid it. Stay focused and try to survive for as long as possible in Tunnel Rush to run the longest distance, make your record.

How to play Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is a simple game to play, just click on the space bar. This starts the moving game – there are no objects to control, you just need to control the movement of the screen to match different objects.
Use the left and right keyboard arrow keys to rotate the screen clockwise or counterclockwise. The game is divided into separate levels but there are no save points. No matter how many levels you complete, if you encounter problems, you have to start from the beginning.
Tunnel Rush requires great reflexes and reactions. Players must have fast fingers and always focus at all times to predict the next moves you have to make.
– Press AD or left / right arrow to move
– Use the space bar to pause or replay when you lose