Unpuzzle Game

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Unpuzzle HTML5



Unpuzzle is a challenging puzzle game with removing pieces of available puzzle to leave only a void. Unpuzzle brings a new concept, it’s a reverse jigsaw puzzle. There is no time limit, no penalty for mistake, no wrong solution and there is always a way to proceed.
You can only remove pieces in a certain order. The player may remove one piece if the puzzle piece is not blocked or connected to another piece. Pieces can be removed by dragging them from their position to the edge of the board.
Each puzzle piece can only be removed in a certain way or direction. You cannot move a puzzle piece with two other pieces connected to it and you cannot move a puzzle piece with another piece blocking its path.
The Unpuzzle game starts easily with simple white jigsaw pieces but as the level gets higher and higher, the puzzles become increasingly complex and you have to actually use your brain to figure out the order and move. correct action. Numbered squares that you can only remove when the counter has passed.
The user interface is easy to learn and you can start playing right away. None of these puzzles are hard but they certainly require more thought as you pass the level. How many levels can you complete. Can you master the art of Unpuzzle.

How to play Unpuzzle

Hold the left mouse button on a piece and drag to remove it