Use Boxmen Game

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Use Boxmen HTML5

Use Boxmen

Use Boxmen

Use Boxmen is a great new puzzle adventure game. Use your own copies to help you solve puzzles.
This cute boxman needs your help to reach his box. Your task in the Use Boxmen game is to help the boxers solve all the boxes through the levels by creating your own copy and using Boxmen to find an approach to the exit. The difficulty level increases gradually by level, helping him eliminate obstacles on the road. You can multiply him when he needs additional help to use the utility. Use the arrow keys to move and Shift to make a copy. The replica is assigned the same action you perform at the time of casting. Restart a level with ‘R’.
The Use Boxmen game has thirteen levels, you have to help your ‘boxers’ put the rotating box on the other side of the school. This may seem simple, but it turns out to be quite difficult in later levels. Use your arrow keys to play this game. If the little man falls, you can press R to restart the game. Press Shift to clone small men. Make friends with other boxers then brutally throw them at anything that hinders you from finding more cardboard boxes.

How to play the game Use Boxmen

- Use the arrow keys or AWSD keys to move the boxmen to the floating block exit on each level.
– Use the shift key to create more boxmen that you can use to get to the block.
– Boxmen COPY what you are doing, WHEN you do them.
– To start a level, press the restart button in the upper right corner
– FRIENDS COPY what you are doing when you SPAWN them