Vehicles 2 Game

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Vehicles 2 HTML5

Vehicles 2

Vehicles 2

Vehicles 2 is a fun physics-based puzzle game. Vehicles 2 brings you a whole new twist. Instead of trying to drive to a certain location or win a race, you have to complete the task in your car.
A group of black rebel trucks constantly makes illegal parks to disregard the authorities. You will be provided with different facilities for different stages, but all of them will represent some kind of authority. You could be a police car, a fire truck or an ambulance, for example. Your job is to restore law and order in the city.
Click on city cars like police car and ambulance to start, then click again to stop them. Each vehicle has a special power, police cars can turn heads with them, an ambulance can jump, and a fire engine can activate a giant reactor to increase good speed. It is up to you to figure out how to solve the Vehicles 2 puzzle game and make sure your cars are parked and all trucks are driven off the platform.
As you pass the levels, the tasks you need to perform are increasingly more complex. You have to become very proficient at starting and stopping your car on a penny. When you do, you can escape the city of bad cars and make everything perfect again. You will find that the level of fun increases with the difficulty of Vehicles 2.

How to play Vehicles 2

Use the left mouse button to play