Warefare 1944 Game

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Warefare 1944 HTML5

Warefare 1944

Warefare 1944

Warefare 1944 is a game that recreates the scene of war in World War II.
To participate in the game you will choose to control the Americans or the Germans and then engage in really fierce battles. It is possible that you will defend or attack.
Whether defending or attacking, you must build army forces to fight the enemy. By clicking on the army icon at the bottom of the screen to revive and destroy the enemy. Create armies with different weapons such as guns, grenades … and advance to hit the enemy blockhouses. Different armies will support each other in battles.
After each battle, you will gain the booty and you will unlock the stronger army and you will continue to fight in different terrains. Fight and destroy all armies, complete the levels to conquer this game.
The game has a relatively simple interface but also quite practical, you can imagine somewhat the arduous battle process of previous people. When a series of images of the dead, people are flying up and exploding into pieces when being thrown grenades … and many other difficulties.
The war always brings many painful hurts and its effects will continue to the next generation, through this game, you can join hands to fight the war, maintain the ideological peace for each nation.
You can play this game for free, meaning you don’t have to pay any fee to download and play this game. You can play online that will help you save the results of the battle and compete with other players on the player’s leaderboard or download to your computer to play to help you play when there is no internet connection often.

How to play Warefare 1944

Warefare 1944 use the left mouse button to select a unit and then click on the battlefield to deploy. All activities in this game are performed with the left mouse.