Water Race 3D Game

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Water Race 3D HTML5

Water Race 3D

Water Race 3D is an amazing 3D water skating game. It adopts the standard Stickman character, big surfboard, surging water, and cool air island that can bring the players a tense and exciting pleasant feeling. Avoid all the obstacles and stay on the slide. Do not fall down. See how far you can reach in the Water Race 3D

How good would it be to play water surfing with the up-to-date hot songs in the world?

Easy to play with a simple controller to enjoy spectacular EDM rhythm game experiences. Jump to another water slide with the surfing board on the slip road. Let’s enjoy the music with this fascinating race!

How to play

Use a mouse or touch screen on your mobile.

- Drag your finger to move

- Feel the music beats to prepare for a jump

- Try not to fall from the water slide

- Collect gems and keys to unlock new songs along the way.