Water Ragdoll 3 Game

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Water Ragdoll 3 HTML5

Water Ragdoll 3

Water Ragdoll 3

Water Ragdoll 3 – Torture this funny little rag doll with all sorts of weapons and objects. It sounds cruel but not ‘just a rag doll and it will be as fun as you are!
Water Ragdoll 3 is a great ragdoll game. It can be played here in your browser. This awesome action game was created with Flash technology to run smoothly in all modern browsers.
Let your imagination be promoted again in the next installment of the famous Water Ragdoll! Torture captive doll with many weapons, crazy new experiments, balloons, bombs and more!
Let him float, throw him around and let bombs explode on his head. In Water Ragdoll 2, you can create and move objects around a ragdoll.
Play with a doll in a room full of water! Create objects and throw around … use items available on the left side of the play window and do what you want with the doll!

How to play Water Ragdoll 3

Use the mouse to control in this game
You can turn on / off the sound on the game screen.
You can play this game in full screen mode.
The main objective in this torture game is to slice the dolls in half with different objects. Spend time with your surviving victim and play with a ragdoll in a room full of water! Create objects and throw around, connect with ropes and have fun! This version includes a live ragdoll, bombs and black holes! It sounds cruel but it doesn’t ‘just remember a rag doll! ”
Mover: grab the ragdoll, balls, balloons ect.
Steel ball: a heavy ball that sinks
Bath ball: a ball that floats
Balloon: a flying balloon
Static ball: a static ball that doesn’t move
Bomb: a bomb that blow up after a time