Whack The Burglars Game

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Whack The Burglars HTML5

Whack The Burglars

Whack The Burglars

Whack The Burglars is one of the great games of the Whack It series. This is a fairly brutal game not suitable for children.
A group of notorious thieves wants to steal your money, your games and other valuable items. To properly protect your home and property against a group of thieves who are trying to steal your home, you will have to take brutal action against the thief.
Your mission in the game Whack The Burglars is to fight against a gang of thieves and find ways to destroy the stupid thieves cruelly in this bloody horror game. These thieves will soon regret breaking into your home.
There are a total of 34 ways to protect your home against thieves including simple actions or a combination of complex actions and the bottom 2 rooms of your house to protect, which is the living room and kitchen. You can call your dog or cat to attack them or improvise with typical objects around the house such as cigars, baseball bats, pillows or fireplaces. You can also pick up a machine gun yourself to get things done quickly. This addictive action game teaches the thieves a deadly lesson for trespassing on private property and you’ll have lots of fun putting them in their place. Use different objects in your apartment and use them as weapons to teach them a lesson. Thieves have no chance in this game. Show them that you can stand up to them even without the police to help you. The thief is trying to enter your home. Click on the different objects you want to use and destroy them in different ways.

Features of the game Whack The Burglars

• Discover different ways to kill the thief.
• The burglary takes place in two rooms: the living room and the kitchen.
• The game is quite violent.

How to play Whack The Burglars

Use the mouse to play