Whack The Cheater Game

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Whack The Cheater HTML5

Whack The Cheater

Whack The Cheater

Whack the Cheater is an extremely fun spanking game.
Family life is a complex process through many ups and downs. The couple initially fell in love with each other, and then often began to hate violently. After dozens of years of marriage, the wife discovered her husband had an affair and she decided to invent a way to punish the traitors, and for one of her painting passions. There are at least twelve subtly violent ways to hurt traitors.
In Whack The Cheater, your task is to help her get revenge in this completely wild action game. Make a little bit of anger on two men and women in 12 different ways.
Choose one of many objects to punish and enjoy the bloody brawl, let justice prevail, and evil and treachery will be punished. After taking action, click the Next button and search for the next thing. You will find a fascinating story with a touch of blood, generously marinated with a vengeance. Whack The Cheater is suitable for adults, even young couples thinking about their future and not risking marriage testing of this type. The game can be played on any device, due to its availability for general players and those who like to play at home in a quiet room at the computer, and secret lovers from the boss in fun. Work for your tablet, transport, bury in a smartphone screen. Play on mobile devices: smartphones or tablets, emotions are pent-up, and they have definitely appeared in passing games.
Come, help and see 12 possible ways that a husband is unfaithful and his mistress will be punished by the poor woman in Whack the Cheater.

How to play the Whack The Cheater game

Use your mouse to fool fraudsters in 12 ways.