Whack the Creeps Game

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Whack the Creeps HTML5

Whack the Creeps

Whack the Creeps

Whack the Creeps tells a story that takes place in Sweden. You are drinking water in a bar and enjoying your time but unlucky when you are stuck in a Swedish bar with some loathsome people who are currently haunting you. Scary men can be a typical nuisance in bars across many cities around the world with women being bothered daily. It’s time to teach these boys a brutal lesson about manners. Try to explore all approaches to teach them a lesson.
In order to free yourself, you need to fight back and depending on the type of weapon you choose. Find a room for items to defend yourself, according to which each object has its own cruel punishment for difficult men. bear. Try to find ways to win this famous and exciting spanking game. There are 19 different ways for you to take down the opponents and you believe you will find all the different endings to complete the game in the fastest time.
Although not as big as Whack the Burglars, Whack the Creeps does not lack imagination in some ways you take revenge on the culprit. There are many new characters to enjoy in this game. These include a waiter and a doorman participating in a special way.
This is a violent game. Stop playing if you are scared or not crazy about the fans

How to play Whack the Creeps

The gameplay is really simple and its all about the story. So, all you need to do is click on the things that are in the bar. And just enjoy the story.
Pro tip
Click all the things one by one and enjoy the story of killing these two men.