Whack the Serial Killer Game

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Whack the Serial Killer HTML5

Whack the Serial Killer

Whack the Serial Killer

Whack the Serial Killer is a horror game in which you are kidnapped and tied up in the basement by a psychopathic serial killer, it forces you to turn around and try to find ways to kill him. I’m in the most brutal and bizarre fashion to find my freedom. At the beginning of the game, the crazy character grinds the sword ready to kill you, but you have escaped the lanyard and you must try to escape while you still can.
You have a very short time to figure out how to release yourself and whack the serial killer. The only way to escape is to kill him before he can kill you. Use his foul and wicked torture devices against him to take revenge and escape. Select an object in the room to finish him with. Replay the game and select another object to see your next unique animation when killing pscho. Quickly find all the different endings to complete the game in the shortest time possible to prove your ability.
This isn’t a game for everyone, but for those who love bloody animation and crazy creative kills, it’s the perfect way to spend a small amount of your day. The 4th game in the Whack It series sees Patrick, Lisa, and Whisky enjoying a stroll in their local neighborhood when they are abducted by a serial killer. Can you escape and teach him the boss of this thrilling, click-and-click game? There are 20 different ways to defeat this relentless killer once and for all!

How to play Whack the Serial Killer

Use the mouse to play this interesting and challenging game.