Whack The Thief Game

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Whack The Thief HTML5

Whack The Thief

Whack The Thief

Whack The Thief is the new part of the funny game series “Whack”. This is a violent game not for the faint of heart. This time you have to protect your property from the thief and find all ten ways to beat the thief.
The thieves are intruding into your home to search for the treasure is stored. In the Whack The Thief game, you will show off climbing shooting and martial arts to destroy the enemy
Your task in the Whack The Thief game is to hit the thief to break into your house to protect your house. Whack the Thief allows you to test your defensive skills and stop thieves in many hilarious and terrible ways.
When the thief enters your room, you can choose a range of different potential tools and weapons and then watch a cutscene to see how you control the intruder. Selecting different elements around the house to perform actions will cause pain for criminals such as tennis racket on the armchair, sack hanging on the fireplace or simply flee through the side door … , justice is in your hands. Click on different objects in your room to use them as weapons. Click and watch the thief die slowly and painfully. The choice is yours and you can replay the levels to try different endings. After playing this game, you will definitely feel safer in your own home!

Feature of Whack The Thief

Beautiful graphics and funny music
Simple control with the mouse and keyboard

How to play the Whack The Thief game

Use the key AWSD or arrow keys to move
Use your left mouse to aim and attack the translator.
Hover to adjust shooting direction. Use the mouse wheel or the numeric keypad 1,2,3 to change weapons