Whack the Trump Game

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Whack the Trump HTML5

Whack the Trump

Whack the Trump

Whack the Trump is a humorous parody game with Republican candidate and presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Whether you like or dislike Trump, you will have fun in this parody game. Just like any other spanking game, your goal in this game is to find ways to spit Trump. The breakout game offers a different click and point game where you will spend pranks on Donald Trump just by clicking on different areas on the screen. Find out what you have prepared game developers Donald Trump. You will spend moments of humor and laughter. Will you be able to find all the items hidden? Have fun and enjoy the animation. Remember, this is just a parody game.
Donald Trump is everywhere, causing the United States to hate, insult people and brag about sexual assault. He deserves to be beaten, right? Once you’ve punched him in the boxing arena in Punch the Trump, you can now hit him when he’s on the stage. Punish Trump in many interesting ways! Get help from Mexicans, enlist an elephant to trample and build your own wall! There are 12 epic ways to bash Trump so you need to explore and fully explore all the ways to become a winner in this game.
The game has a variety of interesting ways to hit him with a wallet or take a horse to kick him in this crazy action game. You can even send a white-headed sea eagle behind him or grab his toupee to spit on him. I hope you will conquer all fighting methods in the shortest time to become the soonest winner.

How to play Whack the Trump

- Use your mouse to explore items in the hall. After you click on an item, many interesting things will appear.