Whack Your Boss 2 Game

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Whack Your Boss 2 HTML5

Whack Your Boss 2

Whack Your Boss 2

Whack Your Boss 2 is a sequel to an exciting previous violent and click animation game, your goal is to find 10 superhero items, borrow their super powers, eliminate the boss of the you and escape. Use X-men rib eye X-Men laser, SpiderMan spider web, Naruto’s ninjutsu ability and even Doraemon Viking magic bag! If you have a potential grudge against your boss, this is the only acceptable way for you to let your frustrations go crazy.
You will not be able to do something bad with your boss in real life, otherwise you will lose your current job. However, you do not need to suppress your anger when you come to Whack Your Boss 2. The game gives you a virtual boss that you can use many different ways to torture him, kill him , hit him, etc. Just feel free to enjoy that feeling. No one is following you. Nobody judges you. No police arrested you. And you do not harm anyone physically. So be happy and comfortable to enjoy yourself all the most attractive ways possible to make yourself feel more comfortable.
A game with simple graphics may not appeal to you visually but its gameplay is sure to satisfy you. So, if you feel frustrated with your boss at work, come to this game to relieve the pressures and difficulties that you encounter to regain some ability to fight for the connecting days. next.

How to play Whack Your Boss 2

The game is not annoying or difficult for players to control because you will only need:
– Use mouse – Navigation
– Left mouse button – Interact