Whack Your Computer Game

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Whack Your Computer HTML5

Whack Your Computer

Whack Your Computer

Whack Your Computer is an extremely entertaining game to help you relieve stress after stressful working hours. Crazy classic games now have more ways to smash your computer.
If you ever have many hours of work gone due to a number of software or hardware failures, you’ve felt the burning frustration fuel your PC. Sometimes you just want to vent your frustration on the computer, because you’ve just died in a game, read something annoying online, the computer doesn’t respond to your commands, the computer is slow , only one bad day or another reason. Find new and creative ways to vent your anger and wipe out that infertile machine. You have a lot of ways to control your anger, including a chance to get revenge against the computer, you are frustrated doing an important task where the computer is broken. Whack Your Computer is a safe way to release all your rage at modern computers today, a great stress reliever and we definitely want to advise you not to do this on your own computer.
Whack Your Computer is a funny cartoon style game. Your task in the Whack Your Computer game is to find all 12 ways to smash your computer. Touch the items in the office and remove all your aggression on the cartoon computer so your actual computer exists to serve you on another day. When you find ways to smash the computer, you will help our heroes return to their original state before the computer to smash. Another surprise: there’s a new cleaner for three new shots. Find all kinds of objects around your room to damage your computer! The more creative your item is, the better.
This classic game has 12 ways and we have added 3 new ways now that both characters in the scene can smash the computer.

How to play game Whack Your Computer

Use mouse to interact