Whack Your EX Game

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Whack Your EX HTML5

Whack Your EX

Whack Your Ex

Whack Your Ex is a game to get revenge on your ex to help you release all your anger when it comes to breaking your heart. It sounds interesting because we all have someone we sometimes just want to beat. This game will help you somewhat eliminate the inhibitions, the injuries that your ex brought to you during the period of love.
The game will not have any level but instead, the game brings a different storyline and perspective to video games. Usually, we see the usual enemies in action games and we fight to save innocent people from the terror of tyrants, but in this game, the enemy is your former lover. With 17 different weapons, you can use it for your ex to let your frustration disappear. The game is designed to allow you to vent and release all the anger you may have in you from past relationships that may have ended badly. You can offend, yell, and spank your ex into your heart. The game is very interesting and there is an in-game arsenal where you can choose any weapon you choose to use when you defeat your ex and free hell. The former may be a boy or a girl, no matter what the selection is before the game starts. So, don’t miss all the fun and start beating your ex.

How to play Whack Your Ex

You wait for the game to start and then use the items available at the bottom of the cartoons as weapons. In this game, you can hit your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend with brutal methods.