Whack Your Teacher Game

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Whack Your Teacher HTML5

Whack Your Teacher

Whack Your Teacher

Whack Your Teacher is a fun game with violent images for those who love the violent game genre. Children or the faint of heart should not participate in this game. In this game, you will perform different ways to kill your teacher.
The Whack Your Teacher game helps reduce stress very well and allows you to play some humorous and horrible murder scenes without really harming real life. You are stuck in class and your teacher is making you sad and depressed so you will take one of the things in that room to attack the teacher.
In the game Whack Your Teacher, your task is to find all 13 ways to be your teacher. The objects are placed in various locations around the teacher’s office and you must identify all 13 to complete the game. The game is quite easy to complete and you should master it within 30 minutes.
Click on different objects in the class and watch the cutscenes – you’ll kill your teacher in countless ways, all of which create bloody violent images. Those items could be the chair you’re sitting on, maybe a paper knife, maybe a stapler, maybe a kettle of boiling water. These items have been mixed with objects. If not, you need to find them to kill the object and play through all the cut scenes. More than 10 objects that you can use to defeat your teacher, try to find them.
The game appears scary images of fear, a lot of blood comes out when you are stabbed, when you hit your teacher. This game is suitable for thrilling lovers; The game is completely free to play, so you can play anytime, anywhere with your mobile device, you can play online or offline. Playing online will help you save your result and put it in the global rankings.

How to play Whack Your Teacher

Use the mouse to play the game. You will hover around the office on the objects in the room, if they blink then left click on it, you will watch the animated video run automatically – the weapon you click will injure your teacher until death.