Wheely 3 Game

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Wheely 3 HTML5

Wheely 3

Wheely 3

Wheely 3 is one of the great games of the fun genre. Continuing with the previous installments in the hit Wheely series, in version 3, players will have the opportunity to try out interesting and attractive details.
Wheely was an honest guy who could not stand watching the grievances in life. Once on the way to the rendezvous with her neighbor Bella, Wheely caught a dangerous criminal being chased by police, he joined hands to catch him. Your mission in the Wheel 3 game is to help Wheel overcome obstacles to catch this criminal without falling into a pit or being obstructed by other ferocious black cars.
On the way, Wheely encountered many difficulties and obstacles, only from the first stages of play he had trouble. You need to take action to help him open the door of the car moving quickly forward to get out of the garage quickly, right here the player needs to be really skillful to control the moving vehicle. Forward when the door is opened. When you finish moving to last place, you have completed your task.
Let’s play adventure Wheely 3 and discover all the interesting things in this game. You are not only a good driver, but also need to calculate the moving situations in advance to arrange the objects in this game logically to help the car move well through the terrain posted on the floor here.

How to play game Wheely 3

With familiar gameplay, in the game Wheely 3 you just need to use the mouse, click on the car to move, click the second time to stop. Click on support tools to solve difficulties. Click interact with items available on the screen to find the riddle. Complete them one by one and win this good game. Observe the situations that may occur here and what impact phenomena must be exerted. Try to move the car in the right direction in the best way possible so you have conquered your game.